Jurassic Rat

Jurassic Rat, by Eleanor Ann Peterson, Illustrated by John Seckman, Spork Books 2019

Eleanor Peterson’s debut picture book, Jurassic Rat, is an informational fiction picture book perfect for children who love dinosaurs – wait, that’s ALL children right?

My cat, Lee. All 17 pounds of him.

Did you know that rats lived in dinosaur times? And not just any rats – rats as big as cats! (I didn’t know that either. I’m kind of glad they got smaller over the last 160 million years or so. Especially since my cat is enormous!)

This fun story follows the journey of one brave but bumbling jurassic rat, who stumbles his way through various dangers while trying to find food for his very large family. The story subtly teaches kids about jurassic rats, their environment, and what they ate. Some information about dinosaurs and insects who lived during the Jurassic Period is sprinkled in, too, and the book includes interesting back-matter to help you dig a little deeper into the past. In fact, the back matter was one of my favorite parts. It was simple, child-friendly, and educational. I learned something new. I was especially intrigued by the information about living fossils – plants and animals that have remained living and largely unchanged over the last 160 million years.

With plenty of funny mishaps and onomatopoeia, this story is sure to delight young readers and have them rooting for Rat. John Seckman’s colorful illustrations add a delightful element of humor, playfulness, and fun.

*I was gifted a free PDF copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


2 thoughts on “Jurassic Rat

  1. What a lovely review Rachel, thank you! A great Valentine’s Day gift.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lee looks pretty comfortable. Perhaps he had just finished eating a rodent when you took that photo of him. Likely a little smaller than the Jurassic type though- thank goodness they’ve shrunk!


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