My #50 Precious Words Contest Entry

Learning to Ski is Scary Fun!

Helmet, snowsuit, boots, “too tight!”

“Slope’s too steep!” 

“You’ll be alright.”

Shuffle, shuffle, slip, slide.

Scoop, sit. Fast chair ride.

Frozen nose. Icy toes.


Off you go!

Straight skis?

“Too fast!”



“Tips touch to slow or stop.”

“Watch, Mommy!”

Zip past trees.

“Can we go again, please?”

*Thanks, Vivian Kirkfield, for hosting this fun contest. Check out the #50 Precious Words Contest here and add your own entry. There are lots of great prizes!


12 thoughts on “My #50 Precious Words Contest Entry

  1. Love it! Can we go again please – on point!

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  2. Brrrrr. Love this! Great job, Rachel.

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  3. Really love the flow of this piece, Rachel. It pulled me right along and feels full and complete at 50w. Nice work!

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  4. I love this and can so relate! Learning to ski is tough and can be fun too!

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    1. Thanks, Dawn! It’s definitely both. You guys doing any cross-country skiing in your new home?


  5. Now I want to try skiing! Nicely done, Rachel. 🙂


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