If Sun Could Speak

If Sun Could Speak, by Kourtney LaFavre (author), and Saki Tanaka (illustrator), Clear Fork Publishing 2020

With so many children staying at home right now, I’m sure parents are looking for educational picture books to keep their little minds stimulated and learning. I know I am.

If Sun Could Speak is a delightfully entertaining and educational read. Kourtney LaFavre (the author) and Saki Tanaka (the illustrator) imbued sun with so much personality and (dare I say) sparkle. The sun addresses the child reader in an engaging conversation about what makes the sun so special, how humans’ understanding of the sun has evolved over time, and how you, too, can observe, ask questions, and learn about nature. In the process they learn child-friendly facts about our solar system, the size and temperature of the sun, and even some basic sun-safety tips. This sun will really “make your day!”

This one is kid-approved. Since my children are home, too, I asked them to share what they liked most about this book. My 7 year old thinks it’s really cool how half of the earth is dark while the other half is light. My 4 year old likes how the sun talks to her, “because when he talks it’s really funny and fun.” She learned to never ever look straight at the sun.

*Note: I was given a free PDF copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


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