I Will Dance

I Will Dance, by Nancy Bo Flood, Illustrated by Julianna Swaney, Simon & Schuster, Antheneum Books 2020

If you’ve read any of Nancy Bo Flood’s other books, you know how beautiful, poetic, and lyrical her writing is. This story will definitely live up to your expectations. The text sings in a lovely and rhythmic tribute to dreams, perseverance, art, and inclusion.

I Will Dance is told in the first person, inspired by a real girl, Eva. We learn of Eva’s longing to dance. But she faces a unique challenge to accomplishing her dreams. She can only move her eyes and fingers. Others encourage her to imagine dancing or pretend. But she’s not satisfied with that – she wants to really dance. When her mom finds an advertisement for Young Dance Company – an inclusive group that welcomes dancers of all ages and abilities – Eva pushes through her fears to grasp her dream. The other dancers embrace her, and together they work hard to create art that is beautiful and inspiring. This story is heartwarming and completely relatable for dancers of all abilities. (When I read it to my children, my daughter’s first response was, “I wish we had a dance class like that here.”)

Julianna Swaney’s illustrations are equally heartwarming and beautiful, and celebrate diversity in many forms. The illustrations have a soft dreamlike quality that perfectly portrays Eva’s longing, fear, and the connection she eventually finds with her fellow dancers. This book trailer gives you a taste of the lovely art and illustrations.

Given the current situation with the Coronavirus, the Young Dance Company is having more difficulty fundraising at this time. Nancy Bo Flood is generously offering to donate all of her author royalties from pre-orders to the Young Dance Company. You can pre-order your copy here.

1 thought on “I Will Dance

  1. I can’t wait to see this book! I’ve already got it ordered.

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