Saturdays are for Stella

Saturdays are for Stella (Grandmas make everything better) by Candy Wellins, Illustrated by Charlie Eve Ryan, Page Street Kids 2020

George and his Grandma, Stella, are besties. They always hang out on Saturdays and have lots of fun. George even makes a list of all the best things about Stella, like the way her arms wrap him in the biggest hugs. When George wakes up on a Saturday to find that Stella is gone, he’s heartbroken. (And I was, too, when reading it.) George decides he hates Saturdays. He wants to cancel them all together. But when his baby sister arrives, he rediscovers the joy of sharing a Saturday with someone special. He even makes a list of all the best things about his baby sister, like the way her arms wrap him the biggest hugs.

This sweet poignant story is a perfect mixture of light humor and sadness. It’s full of heart, and sure to warm yours as it gently celebrates the circle of life – with all the fun and sadness and joy it brings. The illustrations are sweet, heartbreaking, funny, and touching, just like the text, and I love that they portray an interracial family. Charlie Eve Ryan really brought all the characters to life. (George is the cutest, don’t you think?)

*I was given a free PDF copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


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