Go Away, Worry Monster

Go Away, Worry Monster! by Brooke Graham, Illustrated by Robin Tatlow-Lord, EK Books 2020

The night before Archie starts at a new school, Worry Monster climbs into his bed with lots of “what ifs” and worries. Archie’s head aches, his stomach flutters, and his heart pounds as Worry Monster grows bigger and bigger. He thinks about climbing in bed with his parents – Worry Monster is scared of them! But instead he decides to use the techniques Mom taught him, and try to send Worry Monster away on his own. As Archie practices each step, Worry Monster shrinks smaller and smaller, and finally disappears, leaving Archie with a sense of pride and confidence that he can handle whatever the next day brings.

Go Away, Worry Monster! is a great book for children dealing with anxiety of any kind. The techniques it teaches for dealing with anxiety are simple and effective, and the story explains them in such a fun and kid-friendly way. Kids might not even notice they’re learning a new skill! While Go Away, Worry Monster! is specific to worries about the first day of school, which is particularly relevant right now, the overall message and the techniques it teaches for dealing with anxiety can work any time, in any situation that fills your child with worry.

The illustrations are super fun and kid-friendly. My favorite detail – which my 8 year old picked up on first – is that Worry Monster’s head is one of Archie’s stripy knitted socks… a perfect subtle reminder that our worries are things that we make up in our heads, not outside forces we have no control over.

Here’s a fun little trailer for this book: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRw-41IR6fE

*Please Note: I was gifted a PDF copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Full disclosure, I also had the privilege of critiquing this one a couple of times before it got acquired, and I’ve always LOVED it.


3 thoughts on “Go Away, Worry Monster

  1. Gotta love that cover illustration with the Worry Monster at the exact size it would feel to a child with anxiety. I’ll be on the lookout for this book, it looks like a helpful story for children who suffer from the ever-nagging question “What if?”


    1. Yes! Actually that’s another thing I loved about the illustrations! The worry monster starts out smaller but grows and grows as Archie thinks of more “what if’s,” and then shrinks again when he practices his anxiety coping skills. Perfect illustration of how worry feels.


  2. Sounds like one of those very timely books parents will benefit from (even if just as a reminder) as much as kids.

    Looks great!


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