Sharkbot Shalom

Sharkbot Shalom, by Jenna Waldman, Illustrated by Sharon Davey, Apples & Honey Press 2021

This cute rhyming story is about Sharkbot – a shark robot who is trying to get ready for Shabbat before his battery runs out. In includes a backwards countdown from ten as Sharkbot’s friends arrive and his battery continues to drain. There’s also a little information about traditional Shabbat dishes (with an undersea twist). Thankfully, everyone arrives and the table is all set before Sharkbot’s battery drains, and he’s able to plug in and recharge over dinner.

I love the back matter about how Shabbat is a time to recharge our batteries at the end of the week. It ties in nicely with the story and gives readers some extra information about this Jewish tradition. It also includes a great discussion about coping with anxiety, and an under-the-sea themed mindfulness exercise for kids to try.

The illustrations have a lovely water-color look that fits perfectly with the underwater setting. Sharkbot and his friends are adorable. My only complaint with the illustrations is that they show Sharkbot breaking off coral to use as candlesticks on the dinner table, which is not very environmentally friendly. (The text says “two candlesticks of coral pink.”) But it’s a good opportunity to discuss good environmental stewardship with your kids and remind them not to touch or break off coral.

Note: I was given a free PDF copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


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