50 Precious Words Entry

I decided to enter Vivian Kirkfield’s #50PreciousWords contest again this year. The challenge is to write a full story in 50 words or less, without illustration notes. Thanks, Vivian, for hosting the contest and offering such great prizes!

It’s great practice and it gives me the motivation I need to write a draft for this month. I didn’t really plan ahead, but as I was sitting thinking about whether I would enter I could hear the snow melt dripping from the roof of my house outside, which sparked an idea. I decided to challenge myself to write a story about the water cycle (rain, puddles, stream, river, lake, clouds, rain) using alliteration and as many onomatopoeias as possible (in under 50 words of course). It was harder than I thought it would be!

Check out Vivian’s contest post!

Here’s the text of my entry:

Water Cycle (34 words)
by Rachel Funez

Drip drop, pitter patter,
sprinkle, shower, soak.
Seep, sop, burble babble,
Trickle, tumble, Splash!
Rush gush, swell surge,
spread … settle … steam.
Float, fluff, saggy sodden,
ripple, rumble, Flash!

Drip drop, pitter patter, plop.

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