Courageous Lucy: The Girl Who Liked to Worry

Courageous Lucy: The Girl Who Liked to Worry, written by Paul Russell & illustrated by Cara King, EK Books 2021

Lucy is an intelligent little girl who worries about everything: big, little, and in between. When her school announces they are going to put on a musical, Lucy wants to participate, but she worries about everything from the stage collapsing to whether she will have a part of her own to play. Lucy finally works up the courage to ask her teacher if she can be in the play, and the teacher gives her a very important part. As the tree, Lucy has to stand on the stage the whole time, and fall over during the woodcutter scene. The experience of pushing herself to do something scary helps Lucy to see that she can be more courageous than she thought.

This book is great for normalizing anxiety in children, and providing children who experience anxiety with the reassurance that they are not alone in having so many worries. The teacher in the story is insightful in her response to Lucy’s brave request to participate in the school musical. She provides her with a role that challenges her – because she has to stand on the stage for the entire play and fall down at the appropriate time – but doesn’t push her beyond what she’s ready for (no lines). In that way, this story is about doing what you have the courage to do. And Lucy sets a great example by stepping outside her comfort zone and practicing hard to get there. As the publisher’s description states, “Lucy’s bravery will show children everywhere that it’s okay to be worried, and they can still embrace opportunities!”

*I was gifted a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


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